"Rae Armour's music is strong, sincere and straightforward"

Larry Siegel, Cliff Hanger Records, New York
- "Some of the finest songwriting and vocal performances around can be heard on Rae Armour's new CD, 'Next Move.' It starts off sounding like you've got her pegged in one style and then another, but by the middle of the CD you realize she does it all. Her voice is sometimes raspy strong like Melissa Etheridge and at other times will melt you with sweetness and soul. Then she goes and makes you laugh with some of the cutest lyrics you'll hear this year in songs like "Best Friend." No other lyricist I've ever come across has found a way to work "dippity-doo"(the styling gel of yore) into a song. All in all it's true pleasure to listen to this fine work. Artfully produced and superbly performed, it gets high marks coming right out of the gate."

Tom Harrison, The Province, Vancouver
- "A pop singer from the '80s settles down and goes country. There is autobiography in these 10 songs, most of it handled matter-of-factly. One of Armour's virtues is restraint, which means a song such as 'Best Friend' is more good-natured than maudlin." (3 stars out of 5)

Marke Andrews, The Vancouver Sun
- "Singer-songwriter Rae Armour has a cheeky wit with words, which includes the title of her new CD, Next Move. You see, for the past decade her day job has been as a Vancouver realtor. Armour wrote all 10 tracks on the disc, and the first three are in a pop-country groove. Opener Let's Call It a Day has a catchy melody and a bouncing beat, and it's followed by two tracks which effectively utilize John Ellis's pedal-steel playing. (Ellis is a Jack of all trades here, playing pedal steel, guitar, piano, bass and percussion.) The lyrics for Born on the Prairies concern that staple of country songs, the long-suffering woman who meets a tragic end.
  The ballad Into the Dreamin' has nice slide guitar work by Ellis and effective violin from Nolan Marray. In Best Friend, Armour sings about her girlhood pal, recalling, 'We were ya-yas before ya-yas were in.' As a singer, Armour has a warm, dusky voice, and her songwriting has versatility, spanning several musical genres." (3 stars out of 4)

Catherine Barr, The Westender, Vancouver
- "For over 30 years, Vancouver songbird Rae Armour has relied on music as the one constant in her life. Her ability to inspire others, and her fight for causes like AIDS and cancer, has led to her most enlightened, touching and playful CD to date. Her "Next Move" CD launch party took place Sunday night at the Oasis Pub on Davie where friends, family and supporters were on hand to celebrate, proving that paying your dues really does pay off."

Leslie Alexander, Vancouver Recording Artist
- "Rae Armour's voice and songs are a clear and confident expression of a life lived with sensitivity, guts, and integrity. This is classic music that goes straight to the point, moving from introspection to exultation without gimmick, trend or artifice. These are songs about real people and real issues - with a direct, honest approach. In the tradition of Carole King, Mary Chapin Carpenter and Linda Ronstadt, Rae Armour offers a disc that's destined to line up along all those records you never threw out over the years. Like fine wine - only getting better with age."

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