Rae Armour began her music career quite unexpectedly during a strike at the Edmonton high school where she was teaching.  With no classes or students to teach, she accepted the invitation to audition for a local popular rock band whose leader also taught at the school.  She got the job, and so began the bar, cabaret, school graduation, wedding, Bar Mitzvah, "you-name-it-we'll-play-it", "dance band for all occasions" party scene.

Three bands and ten years later, and with her ears still ringing, Rae took a year off to travel and regroup.  Upon her return to Canada, she quit her teaching job and re-entered the music scene full-time as a single act, touring Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.  After much introspection and an inner dread of ever having to play "Feelings" again, Rae moved to Vancouver and began songwriting.   She followed through with the delivery of an independent contemporary pop release entitled "On Track", which garnered her double winner status of the Pacific Songwriters Association "Write-On" Awards in the following year.

Rae has shared venues with the famous and not-so famous, from Jane Siberry, Keifer Sutherland, Shari Ulrich and Long John Baldry, to the "Circle of Friends" and "The Countrymen."  She has performed internationally in Montreal, Orlando, Washington DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sydney and Paris.

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