This project began in April 2003 when I called John Ellis, one of Canada's finest record producers and best kept secrets.  The timing was perfect! He had just returned from Mexico, and was between recording sessions. Amazingly, we were able to thread the needle!

We've provided a few downloadable MP3 clips so you can get a feel for some of the tunes.

track list
1. Let's Call it a Day (3:22) DOWNLOAD
2. When Spirit Calls My Name (4:21)
3. Born on the Prairies (3:58)
4. Next Move (3:08) DOWNLOAD
5. Into the Dreamin' (4:23) DOWNLOAD
6. That's Who I Am (4:16)
7. Letting the World Go By (4:21)
8. Troubadour (4:07)
9. Best Friend (3:10)
10. I'm a Dreamer (3:48)
If you would like the full versions of all of the songs, please order the CD!

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