You may have arrived here from many different moments in time. We may have grown up together, gone to school together, worked together, sung together, hung out together.  We could have sat next to one another on a plane, or met at a cafe in Santorini, or on a farm in New Zealand, or on the streets of Paris, or at a seminar, or on a golf course.  Or maybe you attended one of my performances, or someone told you about my music.  Or I helped you buy or sell your house. Or we met in the park walking our dogs, or at a party, or skydiving or hang-gliding, or on a boat cruise.

However you got here, and whether you are just curious or totally committed to purchasing my new CD "Next Move", I'd like to welcome you and invite you to come on in.  The music's fine!

"And I know that I will fly,
at least I have to try...
keep on believing"

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